Other Committees

One of the hallmarks of our success is a dynamic and effective risk management framework.  RF Capital Group Inc. ("RF Capital Group" or the "Company") has risk management processes in place to monitor, evaluate and manage the principal risks the firm assumes in conducting its activities. We seek to monitor and control our risk exposure through a variety of separate but complementary financial, credit, operational and compliance processes. Segregation of duties and management oversight are fundamental elements of our risk management process. 

Oversight and monitoring of risk is accomplished through a comprehensive committee structure which seeks to identify, measure, control and report on the significant risks facing RF Capital Group.

Operating Risk Committee - assesses current risk exposures based on the latest market developments and their potential impact on the RF Capital Group. The committee is tasked with assessing the transparency and effectiveness of RF Capital's risk management practices, with a focus on accountable and dynamic processes which can respond to changing markets and RF Capital Group's exposures.

Credit Committee - establishes and maintains, through ongoing review, the RF Capital Group's credit policies and parameters that are implemented by the credit department.