Risk Committee

The Risk Committee consists of Ms. Nathalie Bernier (Chair), Mr. Brown, Mr. Leith, and Mr. Riley, all of whom meet the independence requirements of the applicable legislation. Mr. Wright is an ex-officio member of the Risk Committee. The Risk Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors of RF Capital Group Inc. and is responsible for assisting the Board in its oversight and evaluation of a company-wide risk management practices, including:

- Reviewing, on an enterprise-wide basis, the significant risks to which the Company is exposed and assessing whether trends and emerging risks have been identified, measured, mitigated, monitored and reported.

- Reviewing and recommending for Board approval the Company’s:

- enterprise wide risk management plan developed by management;
- risk appetite statements in support of the enterprise risk plan; and
- risk management policies, frameworks, processes and controls.

- Monitoring of adherence to the risk management plan, risk appetite statements and risk policies, framework, processes and controls.

The mandate of the Risk Committee can be found below: